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Bankruptcy and Mortgage Modification

Are you overwhelmed with debt?

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people and businesses file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Learn The Truth about Bankruptcy Protection Before You Make A Mistake And Lose More Money

Are you overwhelmed with debt? Being sued for an unpaid debt? Being harassed by creditors and collection agencies? Can’t afford your mortgage? Facing foreclosure or loss of your home? Afraid to answer the phone? Losing sleep and don’t know where to turn? You are not alone! Millions of Americans are in the same situation. You may not know it but you’ve already taken the first step to regaining control of your finances and your life by checking our website. Call us. We know how incredibly stressful these matters are. Come in to one of our conveniently located offices for a free consultation. Whether it’s your mortgage, credit cards, personal loans or medical bills, we will review your entire situation and discuss with you all of your available options, including debt negotiation and settlement, defense of creditor lawsuits and filing for bankruptcy protection.

Learn the truth about bankruptcy protection, debt negotiation, wage garnishments and judgments, foreclosure defense and mortgage modification before you make a mistake and lose more money.

Come and speak to one of our attorneys and learn what steps to take to protect you and your family.

A Fresh Start

For over 30 years, our firm has helped thousands of clients successfully eliminate or reorganize their debts by filing for bankruptcy protection. Growing up, we were taught that filing for bankruptcy means you “lose.” Nothing could be farther from the truth! Bankruptcy provides “the honest debtor a fresh start.” It is a legal process that allows you to either eliminate or re-structure your debts and regain control over your life. It is still legally available and widely used to help consumers regain financial freedom.

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    Chapter 7

    Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection stops judgments and lawsuits and ends creditor harassment. Clients who qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy are allowed to keep their assets and completely eliminate their debt. There are two tests to qualify: your total household annual gross income must be below a certain amount and, if you own a home, the amount of equity must not exceed a certain amount. For example, as of 2011, the income level for a New Jersey household of 4 is around $103,000 and the amount of equity in your home is around $21,625 per owner. Come in for a free consultation and we will discuss whether you qualify.

    • Eliminates 100% of your debts
    • Requires no payment plan
    • Takes a few months to complete
    • Can eliminate income tax debts in certain cases

    Chapter 13

    Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection is available for most clients whose income or home equity exceed the above guidelines. Chapter 13 is also used by clients who have temporarily fallen behind on their mortgage payments and need a way to repay their lender to stop a foreclosure. In some cases, it also allows clients to reduce their car loan payments or even eliminate second mortgages completely!

    • Eliminates some or most of your unsecured debt
    • Allows for a 3-5 year plan to re-pay mortgage arrears and stop foreclosure
    • Allows you to cramdown (reduce) car loan payments
    • Allows you to eliminate junior (second, etc.) mortgages
    • Can give you up to 5 years to re-pay debts you must pay, including taxes

    Chapter 11

    Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection assists allows consumers additional time than Chapter 13 to reorganize their debts. Chapter 11 is generally filed when clients have significant income but need more than the maximum 60 months allowed under Chapter 13 to repay their debts. Although it is less common than filing Chapter 7 or 13, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection will stop creditors from harassing you and give you the ability to reclaim control over your finances. Many New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys are not familiar with filing Chapter 11 for their clients. However, the New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman & Hoffman have successfully filed man Chapter 11 petitions for our clients. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your New Jersey bankruptcy matter.

    Business bankruptcy vs. winding down:

    Closing a business may be one of the hardest decisions our clients face. If your business is facing financial problems, call the New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman & Hoffman. If your goal is to remain in business, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy can re-structure debt and save your company. However, you may also decide that its best to wind down and close your business. Your business may need to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if its debts are too overwhelming or if it has no assets. If, however, your business has assets to sell, oftentimes terms can be negotiated with creditors and filing for bankruptcy is not required. If you are personally liable for the debts of your company, you may need a personal bankruptcy in addition to settling the affairs of the business. Call Hoffman & Hoffman for a free consultation to discuss your New Jersey business bankruptcy matter.


    Facing foreclosure? Want to save your house and don’t know what to do? Today’s headlines are filled with stories of homeowner’s, such as yourself, successfully defending foreclosure complaints and keeping their homes. Recent court decisions have provided homeowners with the legal tools to stop foreclosure. Come in for a free consultation and we will discuss with you the facts about foreclosure, mortgage modification, mediation and litigation, and what role bankruptcy plays in stopping foreclosures. Let us help you navigate the complicated landscape of foreclosure and learn how to save your house.


    Do you owe the IRS or State taxes? Have you failed to file old tax returns and don’t know what to do? We can help. Our firm has helped many clients negotiate their tax issues with the IRS and State of New Jersey. Filing an “offer in compromise” with the IRS can work to resolve old tax burdens and put you back on track to financial freedom. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy protection can provide a way to eliminate back taxes or it can provide an effective way to pay back taxes and stop interest from accruing. Reclaim your refunds – stop the worrying!