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Estate Planning

Do you or an elderly parent need a Will, Living Will or Power of Attorney, or other end-of-life planning documents?

Proper estate planning is essential to ensuring the maximum amount of your assets go to your heirs and not the government. As your New Jersey estate planning attorneys, our goal is to help your heirs avoid New Jersey inheritance and estate taxes and federal estate taxes as much as possible.

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your assets and discuss with you what steps must be taken to ensure your wishes are carried out.

From the most simple to the most complex, our firm can tailor your Will, trust or other documents to ensure the transfer of your wealth to your heirs, instead of the government!

Drafting the appropriate documents can protect your assets and your loved ones.

Call the New Jersey estate planning attorneys at Hoffman & Hoffman to find out more about proper estate planning. It may be the most important call you ever make.

Basic Estate Planning

For those of our clients interests in basic estate planning, we provide:

A simple will stating who will inherit your assets and care for your minor children;

A durable power of attorney appointing someone you trust to manage your affairs while you are alive and temporarily incapable;

A “living will” or advance health care directive containing your wishes regarding life support and appointing a trusted person (your spouse, etc.) to make medical decisions for you.

Sophisticated or Non-traditional Solutions

For those of our clients that require more sophisticated or non-traditional solutions for their estate planning needs. the New Jersey estate planning lawyers at Hoffman & Hoffman can tailor your documents to suit your needs.

  • Complex wills for second-marriage situations
  • Federal and State tax avoidance and asset preservation
  • Property agreements for unmarried couples
  • Special needs trusts for disabled family members, beloved pets or charities
  • Incentive and spendthrift trusts for minor children
  • Medicaid and nursing home planning – protection of assets
Still Think You Don't Need A Will?

Find Out What Really Happens To Your Family When You Die Without A Will

What Happens When You Die Book Front Cover

You Will Learn:

  • Who receives your assets when you die without a will.
  • How to ensure that your wishes are carried out to protect your family from government intrusion.
  • How to make sure your husband’s next wife doesn’t get your children’s inheritance.
  • And More.

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