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Real Estate Transactions and Refinances

Whether buying, selling or refinancing your mortgage, in today’s difficult real estate market, you need an experienced New Jersey real estate attorney.

As your real estate attorney, we will

Negotiate your contract
Assist you with the inspection process
Handle all title issues, including old judgments or liens
Help you with the mortgage process
Guide you through closing

Refinancing can help you lower your interest rate and save thousands on your current mortgage. Our attorneys have handled countless refinances over the past thirty years. We know how to negotiate with creditors and how to handle the entire process.


If you owe more on your home than it’s worth and want to sell, call us. Banks will oftentimes accept significantly less than what they are owed as part of the sales process. A short sale allows you to avoid a foreclosure judgment on your credit record and can prevent the necessity of filing for bankruptcy when multiple mortgages are owed. It is not an easy process and you need the experienced attorneys at Hoffman & Hoffman to guide you.

We have handled thousands of real estate transactions for our clients. Our rates are reasonable and we are effective in our results. In today’s difficult real estate climate, you need an attorney who knows how to work with banks and can ensure your transaction is complete.

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