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Probate and Estate Settlement and Litigation

Are you named as an Executor or Administrator of someone’s estate and don’t know what to do?

Are beneficiaries fighting and about to sue each other?

If you’ve been named as an Executor or Administrator of an estate and don’t know what to do, call us! The New Jersey estate settlement attorneys at Hoffman & Hoffman will assist you in settling the estate and ensure your duties are fulfilled appropriately. You don’t need to fear probate when we are your estate attorneys. As your New Jersey estate settlement and probate attorneys we will:

  • Assist in having you appointed through the Surrogate’s office
  • Work with you to gather and transfer all of the assets of the estate, including the sale of real property, stock, etc., to the beneficiaries
  • Complete and timely file all necessary inheritance, estate and income tax returns
  • Set up all necessary estate accounts and complete all accountings

Call us. The New Jersey estate settlement attorneys at Hoffman & Hoffman have years of experience handling the most complicated estate matters. Our attorneys hold degrees in both law and finance and accounting. We will guide you through the entire probate and estate settlement process and alleviate you of the stress involved. Every step of the process will be fully explained to you and the beneficiaries.

We know the law and we know how estates should be handled.

In certain cases, beneficiaries and other parties may contest the probate of a will or the appointment of an Executor or Administrator. If you are involved in such a matter or have questions or concerns about how an estate is being handled, call us. The New Jersey estate litigation attorneys at Hoffman & Hoffman have litigated many contested estate matters, both on behalf of Executors and beneficiaries.

Avoid The Probate Mistakes That Can Turn An Already Heartbreaking Time Into A Nightmare

Five Critical Mistakes Of Probate and Estate Settlement

You Will Learn:

  • The #1 mistake people make when dealing with probate.
  • How to minimize stress so you can focus on grieving.
  • The mistake that can result in big tax penalties owed by the estate.
  • What can happen when the decedent’s bills are not paid timely.

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